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Worldwide Media Group Online Marketing Review from Detroit, Michigan

This company is a scam. Do not use them. Their promo is simply a way to get your cc number so they can automatically charge your account. The 14 days notice to cancel is also a scam as the product arrives later than that window. They don't charge the $4.95 ship handling only as indicated. The charge $89 for the product. And if you don't pay attention you will be stuck to pay it. These folks are a scam. I'm making a complaint also Amazon.
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Reason of review
Problems with payment

Worldwide Media Group - Cancel and they will offer additional services to sweetened the deal...and then set up a trap.

I cancelled at end of introductory offer but their sales expert will convince you to extend with additional services. They then tell you that you can cancel before a specific date. If you are not paying attention on the expiration date offer it will likely be first day of the work week and you can't cancel during the weekends and end result will be a charge for another month. For 5 weeks we did not get any single inquiry by phone or website registration at all...STAY AWAY FROM THIS GROUP...THEY WILL MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO CANCEL...NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE MY CREDIT CARD. WHAT A HEAD ACHE.
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Worldwide Media Group in Acres Green, Colorado - I tried to cancel my service

I tried to cancel my service with WMG, and was not allowed to do so, they told me the incorrect billing date and I had to keep paying. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of WMG. They will tell you one thing, and when you go to resolve an issue or file a complaint, it will not be considered. If I had it to do all over again, I would have hung up the phone as soon as they called and saved myself a lot of time and hassle. I would never deal with them again. Screw them. They are terrible.
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Worldwide Media Group in Palm Springs, California - Cancellation difficulties

Worldwide Media Group is a complete scam. After assuring me that I could cancel at anytime they would not take calls or accept my emails that I wanted to cancel my service (due to zero leads the first month). I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop billing and then they proceeded to harass me for the following months charges. They are rude and unprofessional. Especially a person who identifies himself as "Bill" (no last names, of course). I was hung up on twice by a person named, "Drew" after being on hold for 20 minutes. I have contacted my attorney and he will talk to anyone else who has had these issues.
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Worldwide Media Group in Green Bay, Wisconsin - 17 minutes of pleading in order to cancel my service...

It took 17 minutes of pleading to cancel my service. I had three services totaling $267.00 a month that got me search phrases on Google. The service did work but, not every time. When I would search the phrase, it would only link to my name every 10th time or so. The gentleman who claimed to be the account manager said he could discontinue my service. He then proceeded to harass me about keeping the account. He told me that the service WWMG provided had provided 471 people the opportunity to see our name over 3 months. I told him that for $801.00 I could take out a radio commercial for an entire month and reach 60k people a day. I told him I couldn't justify the cost of this service and please cancel it. He insisted I just wasn't seeing the value, and I wasn't. He went on and on about tailoring my service to fit my needs. I continued to tell him I was not interested, please, cancel my account I would say. It took 20 minutes of pleading and begging him to please discontinue my service. It wasn't until I told him "Look, I'm going to hang up now, if I receive another bill for this I will be calling my attorney." Suddenly the persistent little *** saw his defeat and bid me a nice day. To which I replied, "you have a *** day." What a little ***!!
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Worldwide Media Group in Dallas, Texas - World Wide Media Scam

I was told they had a special for $20 per month so I signed up to give them a try, then they said "We will set up a website for you for total of $59", again I said no problem. 25 days passed, I did not get any LEADS so I called to cancel and the guy would not stop with his sales pitch of asking me to stay for an additional 10 days at no cost. On the 9th day I called to cancel and was on hold for 20 minutes, called again and was on hold for another 15, so I decided to call Saturday but they were closed and I also got charged $270 the next day. Yes, they tell you if you decide to continue services they will charge you but good luck getting a hold of them and when you do you get some *** that will not stop at anything to keep you so you miss your deadline. Karma is a ***.
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Now you dispute the charge. You did use a credit card and not a debit card, didn't you??


Ya, that's what I will do. They change their name once you get charged from World Wide Media to Linktech. I just hate when people get taken advantage of, and it's my fault for not doing my research before hand.


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Worldwide Media Group in Orland Park, Illinois - WMG World Wide Media is a scam

This company is a rip off and they don't answer the phone so you can't discontinue the service. I have been trying for several days to call and the company phone answers that their having technical difficulty and call back in half hour.....they dont answer all day, but on the weekends, the voicemail says they are closed till monday, call back then.... and guess what, they dont answer on Monday either. I have tried to cancel for three months, and keep getting the same bs.... just give us one more chance.... and nothing... now I can't cancel because they aren't answering the phone. they promised to put my ad up front... I always found my ad on the side bar, several ads down.... only when I called to cancel was my ad moved up to the front and top..and then only for a few hours before it moved back to the bottom again. When I signed up, I asked to speak to other satisfied consumers and was told that for privacy reasons we can't call them....well, now I know why.... I called some other consumers...they aren't happy either and cant discontinue the service either!!
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They are still up their tricks... Almost impossible to cancel...

only way is to block them on your credit card...

then they call... Complete ripoff!


I had it for one month and not a single lead. The other company I was with had at least 10 leads a month. :( The problem is the person has to type exactly the same as what they have put it......


From the compliants I have read nothing sounds like a scam. It sounds like the majority of the complaints were people had to sit on hold.

I just called them to see how long that hold is and at 10:30AM this Tuesday morning I sat on hold for 6 minutes. The receptionist answered, she was very helpful and she is now transfering me back over to the rep. that called me to turn me on to this excellent deal. You can see even here in thsi complaint the company responded with their phone number to resolve that persons complaint.

Did he try calling them? if so he should put his response here.

They promise that we get to be at the top of the search page. And they give us a free web page.

@Ineterested Party

Of course you did not sit on hold because you were not trying to cancel. I was never on top of a search page.

They are scammers. PERIOD


Just call your credit card company and tell them to stop paying. I tried to contact them for weeks to no avail, but you can be sure that they'll be in touch once they can't collect.


I also used to work for this company and can tell this much, their phone line did have issue ONE TIME, however they were able to put through a message that stated you could put in your telephone number and have your call returned. I know that all clients that requested a call back did in fact get called and their accounts resolved.

This company is not a scam, and as far as the issues with where your ad is appearing, it is Google policy to rotate ads. This company is an advertising company and cannot promise results. Online marketing takes time and effort to work.

Rather than assume the company is at fault ask yourself if you put enough into making YOUR ad campaign work. The only problem I had with working for this company is dealing with clients that say things like this.


If youre speaking of the beverly hills wwm, their address is 8484 lacienega blvd beverly hills ca suite 630. I used to work for them and quit after a week of seeing and noticing how much of a scam they were.

Theyll do anything to get a hold of your money. Former employee


We are sorry to hear you did not have a enjoyable experience with Worldwide Media Group. We would like to ensure your concern have been resolved. Please call us at 1-800-730-8801.


We are sorry to hear you did not have a enjoyable experience with Worldwide Media Group. We would like to ensure your concern have been resolved. Please call us at 1-800-730-8801.

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Worldwide Media Group in Jacksonville, Florida - Scammed

Complaint against Linktech-Worldwide Media Group-Premier Global Media WMG PO Box 3814 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Ph: 800-730-8801 Fax: 310-601-4240 This is a scamming company. History: I received a call on November 30, 2011 from a salesperson promising to have my website listed on the first (1st) page of Google's Search Engine. It sounded too good to be true and it was. Their employee informed me someone would call me the next day to set-up my customized website. I did not hear back from them. The registration fee was $29.99 and I would be able to cancel the trial period before 12/30/2011. When I called and tried to cancel more than three times before 12/30/11 it took about five minutes to be connected with a human being. Once I told them I wanted to cancel they informed me I had the wrong department and they would transfer me to the correct department. An automatic voice informed me the wait would be 29 minutes (each and every time). About 20 minutes into the conversation the phone was disconnected. The company charged me $158.88 on 12/30/11 and I called them and told them I wanted a refund and they pleaded to give them another chance. When they told me my website address I immediately went to it and it had the wrong person (not me) and a phone number for a real estate agent in CA. They said they would change it. I told them I wanted a refund and was informed they had a recording that stated I did say I wanted to continue their service and I would be billed 12/30/11. I explained to them I had been disconnected 3 times and they apologized. I informed them the wrong person and phone number was on "my" website and they apologize and said they would correct it. I again reiterated I wanted a refund and they said they would review the recording. After I ended the phone call I telephoned the person on "my" website and the lady answered and said she had received an invoice from Linktech and she had never talk to the company and she could not get anyone at the company to give her information and was repeatedly disconnected. The next day they called me and admitted there was some confusion and yes they were suppose to call me on 12/1/11 and set-up my customized website. Once again they apologized and said they would Not refund my money and would I like to set an appointment so they could call me back and set-up my customize my website. After that conversation I went to the internet and read many reports about this being a scamming company. Here are some of the website addresses that noted this company is a scam:,, ,, I again told them I would prefer a refund and they said no. We agreed on a time and they did Not call me at the specified time but another time that was inconvenient for me and we reset another time. Once again they did Not call me at the agreed upon time but a day late. On 1/5/12 they issued me a credit for an additional month because of their confusion. We discussed the website and they said give them a couple of days and I would have a new website. The appointed day came and I did not receive any phone call. I called two days later and the person once again apologized and said they had been sick and they would begin working on it. The above situation has continued through today. I called them on 1/30/12 and informed them I wanted to cancel my account and, you guessed it, they said I was at the wrong department and they would transfer me to the correct department. An automatic voice informed me the wait would be 29 minutes (each and every time). About 20 minutes into the conversation the phone was disconnected. At that point I began researching the Better Business Bureau websites and found more problems:, This is a company that rips people off by a low introductory offer and when you try to cancel via phone they disconnect you. They do Not accept emails but are happy to send them. This letter is going: 1. Linktech's corporate headquarters, if one exists. 2. Better Business Bureau of Beverly Hills, CA 3. The United States Better Business Bureau 4. The Attorney General of CA 5. The United States Justice Department 6. My credit card company to register a dispute. I believe this company will try and charge my credit card again. I have changed credit card number and have informed my credit card company not to approve any more charges from their numerous affiliates. I deserve a full refund and will use every legal recourse to receive my full refund. Michael Thomas 904-866-6777 3924 Dupont circle Jacksonville, FL 32205
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Hi Michael, I also had a terrible experience with this BOGUS company. I signed up for the first month.

No one reached out to me there was no website that I could find and I never received any emails from the company. I called to tell someone that I wanted to cancel and I disputed the first months bill. I then had to dispute with my bank. I thought for sure there would be no further billing and I just saw that they billed my card for triple the amount as the last time.

I have been on hold for 20 minutes trying to reach a human. I have asked my credit card company to block them from my account. This does not appear to be a real company.

I will also be writing to the New York State Attorney General, the better business bureau and consumer affairs. This is not the way to do business and I hope that others see what a scam this is and I am hopeful that the authorities take action as well.


They just called me under the name or Global Media Group.

the agent was very well spoken, yet extremely pushy.

After about 3 min. explaining their Google advertisement service, he just said "So, how do you want to pay, credit card or debit card?"

Woooww,woow, I didn't even mention I want the service and he is already asking which card I will be using !!!?

(by the way, the offer sounded too good to be true.. 30-40 pounds a month to be on the top of the first page of google, all the time, with one of the most competitive keyword in my industry.. hm... if it was that easy ; ) )

When I told him I WANT to read reviews first about them, he said the offer is only now, the "place may be taken by others who sign up first".

But as I still insisted that I want to read before I agree to sign up / pay for any service, he couldn't do anything else but said ok, BUT he will call me back in exactly 10 minutes, is that ok with me?

Any company who doesn't give a second to customer even to breath is a scam / stinky in my opinion, that's why I became suspicious, and I was luckily right not to sign up. In that 10 minutes, I made the world's fastest google search : )) I did all I could to find out who they are - and quickly I read all over the place, including here THANK YOU.. - ...that the real company is Linktech, and they keep creating sub-companies / domain names under "world wide media group", or Global Media Group, or names - but essentially all the same, they scam you in with pressure sale. DO NOT SIGN UP.

I repeat, ANY company who doesn't give you a minute to breath stinks and you NEED to stop signing up before you actually read who they are. There is no such thing as "it is only for now". If a company is legitimate, they will be very happy to do business tomorrow, too. Sometimes even well established companies do this pressure (especially mobile companies), in this case the company itself might be "reliable" but there must be something in those terms and conditions written with 1 micro-millimeter big font size.

NEVER go for pressure sale, period. And don't go for or whatever name they will use.

And by the way, he called me back exactly in 10 min, not even a second later. But as you can guess, I didn't pick up the phone : )


Just got a call from Global Media. The offer was an exclusive area for leads through their website.

I asked for their return phone number and was told that they don't have one. This tells me that they are operating from a boiler room. I told 'Vitaly" to call me back on Saturday or Sunday because I wanted to check out Global Media's reviews on line. That was the end of the conversation.

After being ripped off back in the mid 80's by something similar to this, I'm wise to these guys. I always tell them that I want to check out their review before I commit to anything.

Most of these outfits have terrible reviews. You pay the money and never get any leads, or no leads that are worth following up on.


Oh my gosh! I so wish I had looked up this site before I turned over my credit card info to this awful company!

I had exactly the same experience with these *** as Michael did. They get your credit card info and then won't let you cancel the account. You wouldn't believe all the people I talked to this afternoon trying to get someone to agree to let me cancel this account! They transfer you to someone who never answers or to a line that eventually just hangs up on you. Or to someone who just keeps saying "I'm sure we can take care of whatever problems you are having if you just work with us" They will not cancel the account no matter how many times you tell them you want to. After a while, I was actually yelling at them and they still wouldn't do it. So, it looks like I'm going to have to shut my card down to keep them from charging it in a few weeks for $276. It will take hours for me to reset all my other automatic withdrawals to the new card and that's what makes my blood boil.

I have sent an email to my Realtor Association telling them about this scam company so others don't get caught in the web. And be sure to file a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. The more complaints they get, the more likely they are to shut these guys down.

It's a real hoot that some bozo from the company actually had the nerve to put a comment on this thread saying that you should call the company 800 number to get your problems resolved. What a joke! That's what I tried to do and wasted 5 hours with no good result.

DO NOT do business with Worldwide Media!


This company called and tried to scam me last Friday in the name of Bing and Yahoo and now today in the name of Google. I didn't give them my credit card because I knew felt like it was a scam.

Glad to see this verified. I'm going to make a complaint.



Spread the word among your Realtor friends Not To Do Business with Linktech and/or Worldwide Media Linktech-Worldwide Media Group-Premier Global Media WMG



thank you so much for posting this - I just recd a call from this same company and the guy named ShaRon was a smooth talking with a real push to get my registration fee which is now 14.95!! thank goodness I googled this while trying to get him off the phone and found your complaint - I have been thru this before but almost fell for it again - it worries me that they now have my phone and email


We're sorry to hear that you did not have a premium experience with Worldwide Media Group. Worldwide Media Group and Premier Global Media are affiliate companies of LinkTech Worldwide. We would like to ensure that your concerns have been resolved, please call us at 1-800-730-8801.

@LinkTech Worldwide

Yeah, right! Like I'm going to call you so you can continue your high pressure bull *** again?

I just received another call from your company 10-14-14 and told the woman that I would check out your reviews and get back to her. Well lo and behold! I had already posted a negative review on your company back in May of 2013.

I'm surprised you aren't all in jail by this time. You can go to ***.

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